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  • Pond Filter Pump 6500 Submersible Filtration Waterfalls Courses Bermuda Force

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    Submersible Pond Pump 6500lph Bermuda Filter Force

    Filter Force solids handling pumps are ideal for passing dirty pond water to filters, or supplying large volumes of water to water courses and waterfalls

    Economical to run Powerful and durable

    For medium to large ponds

    A solids handling pump, Filter Force can suck in large particulate waste without blocking, and put it straight into a filter

    Output: 6500 liters per hour/14300 gallons per hour
    Power: 50 Watts
    Max Height: 4.0 meters

    Stepped Hosetail: 1", 1 1/4" & 1 1/2"

    Dimensions: 339mm x 339mm x 239mm

    Power cable length: 10 metres

    3-Year Manufacturer's Guarantee

    Filter Force pumps provide all year round performance,

    with minimum of maintenance necessary