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Garden Pond Pump 1000ltr Fountain Waterfall Filter 10m Cable Pondxpert Koi Water

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1000ltr Fountain Pump from PondXpert

comes complete with a telescopic fountain-kit with a range of fountain displays possible


Anti-Clog cage for easy maintenance

Flow control to adjust size of fountain

Low running costs  Fish Friendly

 Can create a 'tiered' spray fountain or 'bell' display.

Comes complete with a sturdy 'T' piece to give you total control of directing water flow 

to the fountain and to a waterfall or filter via 12-20mm hosetail (included)

1 year guarantee.

1000LPH model

Hosetail: 12mm,20mm

Watts: 14

Max Flow Rate (lph): 1000

Power Cable Length (m): 10

Max Head Height (m): 1.8