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  • Garden Fish Pond Pump 3000ltr ECO Fountain Waterfall Submersible Outdoor

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    Heissner HSP3000-00 Submersible Fountain Pump

    Capable of running 24hrs a day

    eco pump low running costs


    Fish Friendly

    Easy maintenance

     3 years manufactures guarantee


    Max head 2.2m

    wattage 48w 220-240 v


    4 Jet attachments Bell Jet

    and Spray Jets

    Connecters/Adjusters-Dual Flow Adjuster,

    Connector & T-Piece, Telescopic Extension or


    Stepped Pipe Hose Connector

    1/2" 3/4" and 1"

      10 meter Cable

     Size 16cm X 17.5cm X 11cm high