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  • Extendable Blanketweed Brush Pond Algae Remover 1.8m Telescopic Pole Water Fish

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    High quality algae brush with telescopic handle

    Pole extends from 100cm up to 180cm

    With a tough nylon brush perfect for scrubbing waterfalls and algae off pond liner edges

    Light weight design making it easy to use for

    Simple and easy to use keep your pond clean and free from annoying algae and blanket weed

    Telescopic handle Interchangeable with

    PondXpert Varinet Nets

    As you’ll know, blanketweed can be a real nuisance and the bane of any pond keeper. However, with this new Blanketweed Brush you can deal with it quickly and easily. Just extend the handle as needed, place the brush in the blanketweed and twist and lift out to remove those nuisance strings of weed